Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Europe is us! Episode 27: Science in Crisis

Europe is us! But who are we? Listen to our international podcast focusing on youth. In the 27th episode, we are discussing the lack of trust in science, conspiracy theories among youth, and the importance of communication channels regarding scientific explanations. We talked to Boris Abramović, a Croatian journalist at Index.hr, who says Croatians were scared of the pandemic because of the communication style of Croatian politics, and the media later on as well.
In this episode, you can also listen to M. D. Plamen Panayotov, who received an award for administering the largest number of vaccines against COVID-19 of all family doctors in Bulgaria, who says Bulgarians don't trust their government therefore they don't trust scientists as well, and Tiago Correira, an International Health professor at IHMT-NOVA and editor-in-chief of the international academic magazine Journal of Health Planning and Management. He pointed out that Portugal is a story of success when it comes to vaccination rates during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brought to you by Euranet Plus. Host: Dino Subašić. Photo: Khakimullin Aleksandr on Shutterstock.

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